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Welcome to the Namibia Travel Companion, Your Ultimate Travel Guide to Namibia Accommodation, Restaurants and Tourism.

Namibia surpasses most other African holiday destinations, primarily because of its vastness and wide open spaces. Yet there is so much more to discover when visiting this land of compelling beauty.

This booking portal has been structured into distinct regions and towns to assist you with the planning of your journey. Each region showcases places of interest to visit (simply click on the region or town of your choice in the top bar and all places of interest in that region will appear). The ABOUT NAMIBIA tab also highlights attractions in each region, as well as Namibia’s people, history and demographics.

Under ACCOMMODATION, we have grouped the listed establishments into their respective towns and surrounds. Simply click on the establishments listed under each town, or area and send a booking request directly to their email.
NO COMMISSIONS are charged on bookings, since you deal directly with the establishments.

Furthermore, each listing has been identified on Google Maps in the window above the actual listing to assist you in finding your way.

We have a new category – SUGGESTED ROUTES. In this category we highlight where to stay along each route; each establishment has a reference to its listing – simply click on it and it will appear on the next page with a direct booking line for your convenience.

They say :” Some roads aren’t meant to be travelled alone.”
With the Namibia Travel Companion by your side, our journey is destined to be a good one. We hope that you will be able to put it to good use and that it will become your travel bible on your Namibian adventure.

“To travel is to live” – Hans Christian Andersen

May your journey be one to remember!
Your partner in travel – the Legends Team