North Western Region

north-west-introThe north-west of Namibia, also named the Kunene region, stretches from the Kunene river in the north right down to the Ugab River near Twyfelfontein. It is a rugged terrain with rock-strewn hillsides, rugged mountains and sandy plains.

It is advisable to explore this wild and isolated region in four-wheel drive, since most destinations are off-the-beaten track, especially along the Kunene, with its splendid Epupa Falls.

Kaokoland is the ancestral homeland of the nomadic Himba tribe. The Himba are tall, slender and photogenic people of Herero origin. Especially the women are admired for their unusual scultptural features, their intricate hairstyles and traditional adornments. Furthermore, the Kaokoland is home to the famous “Desert Elephants” that migrate along river valleys in search for water and food.

north-west-image-1The Skeleton Coast Park borders on the cold Atlantic Ocean in the west. It is often referred to as the “world’s shipping graveyard” and its attraction lies in its solitude as well as its formidable angling spots. Photographers have ample opportunity to practice their skills with the ever changing light and dune formations, against the backdrop of salt pans, gravel plains and hills.

Further down, to the west of Khorixas lies Twyfelfontein (meaning “doubtful mountain”), with its open air art-gallery of 2400 rock engravings which has World Heritage Status since 2007. Close by are also the Petrified Forest, the Burnt Mountain as well as the famous Organ Pipes, a series of angular dolerite columns exposed in a dry riverbed. Furthermore, this area offers more geological phenomena such as the 80 km long Ugab terraces, as well as the Vingerklip, a 35m high monolith which towers over the Ugab valley.