Suggested Routes

suggested-routeFor the first time, the Namibia Travel Companion is featuring “Suggested Routes” to assist the self-drive tourist to plan ahead.

Each route features accommodation establishments along that particular route and reference is given to the page number in the publication on which that particular establishment is featured.

Refer to the Distance Table on page 8 to assess driving time and distance covered on each route. This table is based on an average speed of 120 km/hr and the figures thus don’t incorporate pit stops.

In addition to the “Suggested Routes”, the “Open Africa” Routes are also being featured in The Namibia Travel Companion this year. Look across at page 13 for more information on the Open Africa initiative.

Three Namibian Routes are featured from the Open Africa portfolio:
The Kavango Open Africa Route | The Caprivi Wetlands Paradise Route | The Nama Padloper Route